Grief: n. sensing very intense mental displeasure and/or unhappiness from the loss of a loved subset(s) which is frequently most intense when it is due to the death of a family member and sometimes exists with crying

Grief is very intense unhappiness which exists when something which we dearly love dies or we lose it. A death of offspring or spouse can cause great grief with much crying and distress.

Grief can be for a short duration but sometimes it can last for a relatively long duration.

Grief sometimes transforms into severe depression and loneliness if the human no longer has other humans to support them in their time of loss and beyond.

Young offspring sometimes grieve greatly over the loss of a pet but the grief is frequently of a relatively short duration and they get over the grief rather quickly.

Nothing is more effective in reducing grief than the empathetic support of other humans so if you grieve then try not to grieve alone.

 Sometimes writing letters to the deceased or grief counseling can help one get over the loss more quickly or easily.


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