Subversion: n. trying to radically change or destroy a human organization(s)

If you are violently planning to overthrow the government then you are definitely a subversive who wants to destroy the government. If you are a terrorist then you are also a subversive who is violently destroying humans and property hoping for radical government change or overthrow. If you are a spy obtaining government or military secrets then you may be accused of treason but no violence may be involved.

Ideas too may be called subversive and governments are tempted to censor such information. Tyrants label some forms of free speech as being subversive or an attempt at overthrowing the tyranny.

In democratic nations subversive free speech is generallycovertly monitored but seldom overtly confronted although the subversive may be censored in other ways such as internet censorship, police raids and injurious media coverage on an established racist or fanatical cult leader.



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