Handicap: v. (to get and/or to be born with) an incomplete personal subset(s) which decreases ability to achieve to a relatively large extent

Some are born with handicaps and some get them at some point in their lives. Many physical handicaps can be compensated for with technology but if you have a mental handicap that is severe enough then there is usually nothing which can be done to improve the unfortunate circumstance.

What is not an obvious handicap is if you are born with a bad memory which will haunt you for the rest of your life. A bad memory frequently means great difficulty in remembering names, humans, words, and events and this frequently means being very slow at learning new skills and bad at remembering and understanding new knowledge. Much repetition or practice will frequently help a bad memory but after a while the repetition becomes an unpleasant burden and many just give up and don’t repeat as frequently as they should.

Schooling is a perfect example where after trying hard to ace exams you are forced to conclude that you are just an average student and must be satisfied with getting C grades or you may be a failing student and content yourself with getting D’s or F’s. Acing tests in school is mission impossible for many, especially in hard subjects, and many turn off the urge to compete and don’t learn much useful information in school which can help them greatly much later in life.

Almost nothing is a greater handicap in life then a bad memory and a bad liberal arts education in the technological 21st century which is a century which values mental power over physical power.



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