Threat: n. a communication with a promise(s) to do a subset(s) which is frequently a punishment judged by a human(s) recipient to be (bad and/or wrong) and/or (immoral and/or sometimes an incentive for action(s)) and most of samer promise(s) create fear

We are sometimes threatened by a boss with job loss, threatened with divorce by a spouse, threatened with violence by an abusive spouse, threatened by a stalker, and an offspring may threaten to leave home. There are also criminal business threats and bullying in and out of school with miscellaneous threats to life and limb.

Criminal threats are the violent threats but some are hard to prove and prosecution against such threats is rather difficult in many cases.

Blackmail, extortion, and a threat to strike are just a few examples of the way that threats arise in society.

An employee may threaten to leave a job, a close friend may threaten you with the loss of friendship, and a parent may threaten offspring with punishment.
Threats are sometimes used as a last resort when peaceful human interaction fails and usually a threat of punishment of some kind is used to motivate humans to alter their behavior.

Almost no one likes to be threatened but if the threat is not an illegal threat of violence it is something which we come across from time to time and parents frequently have to threaten offspring to get them to behave. The threat of withdrawing a greatly desired privilege as punishment is sometimes very effective in successfully altering behavior.

The implied threat of a fine or imprisonment is what keeps most away from criminal behavior and gets us to pay our taxes.

Loss of a good reputation or ostracism is a looming threat if we do not behave morally.

Cyber threats are a real danger to individuals, businesses, the military, and infrastructure like electrical grids. It is the primary reason why we surf the web cautiously and utilize what we think are security software and precautions to try and avoid cyber threats.

Implied and actual threats which create fear in society is the glue which keeps most humans from illegality and immorality. Take away the fear of punishment from society and it would run wild with dysfunctional and criminal behavior.

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