Time: n. a concept of existence measured in numeric intervals with a clock

Historically it took days, weeks, months, and years to transport information worldwide and now with computers and the internet information can be transmitted almost instantly and huge amounts of information can be gotten in seconds and minutes. Computer switching times are  about 200 gigahertz or 200 billion cycles per second and packets of information are delivered in milliseconds.

Our mastery over electronic waves has given us mastery over time and we can even shoot missiles out of the air with other missiles who do incredibly fast calculations to make this possible.

There is frequently a statement that time is money when in fact time is neither money or energy but it is the tool we use to schedule our lives and activities and if we are making money with those activities then it makes sense that the more efficient we are with our time the more money we can potentially make with it.

Erroneously assuming that time is a dimension similar to length we get singularities or logical paradoxes. If we could travel back in time we could theoretically kill our parents and not be born at all. If we travel close to the speed of light we would not age as fast and if we could travel faster than the speed of light then we would actually get younger. 

Mathematics creates strange worlds theoretically and it is obvious that it gives us an incomplete picture of how the universe actually functions. Concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, dark gravity, and possibly dark time will be invented to describe what is actually going on in the universe.

With a clock or the concept of time we can count objects and say that we counted 45 jelly beans per minute and we can also measure distance with time and say that we traveled 100 meters per second. Time is more than just another dimension of distance which Einstein claims since you can say I’ll meet you at a secret location 2 hours from now. Time here is independent of distance and is not a dependent variable as described by relativity. Relativity is a convenient mathematical tool but it is not reality and has its limitations in the real world.

Assuming that time and distance are dependent variables assumes that the universe had a beginning and originated from nothing and expanded from nothing and took about 14 billion light years to get to the present time in history. This is just a rehash of creationist theory and whether the universe was created out of nothing 6 thousand years ago or 14 billion years ago both religious and scientific theories are creationist in principle and assume that time also started from zero and went forward in time.

Assuming that the universe is not infinite and that time is not infinite we have crazy concepts such as bubble universes all probably 14 billion light years in length all in a chain linked by worm holes which potentially offer the promise of travel from one universe to another. Link 3 of those bubble universes together and you have matter 42 billion light years in length. This is totally a myth and absurd metaphysics or a big lie masking our own ignorance and inability to answer the most fundamental questions in life. Has the universe always been around and will always be around or was it created out of nothing at some point in history?

In the real physical world we are given so much time to live and how efficiently we utilize this time to some extent determines how successful we are in life. Yes, it helps if you are born talented or rich but even the poor with talent can frequently make a rather big success of their lives.

Some not so talented with efficient use of time can make a rather good living with industriousness, thrift, determination, and persistence. Taking some time off from the rat race to meditate or take a vacation can help us to better plan our future and if you are smart then you will never stop planning or trying to achieve old or new goals in life while you still have some life left in you.

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