Deserve: v. to earn a punishment(s) and/or a reward(s) for some behavior(s) but sometimes not getting it completely and/or getting it with some delay

In an ideal world we should be instantly rewarded for doing something good and instantly punished for doing something bad. In the real world we may get a token reward or token punishment or get no reward and no punishment. Sometimes in the real world we may have to do many good things or many bad things before we get the reward or punishment or in effect there is a time delay in getting what we deserve.

Especially in human relationships it may take much time before you develop a good reputation by being honest, sincere, dependable, friendly, competent, and trustworthy. Only after a history of being moral, competent, and nice will humans begin to patronize you and say good things about you which will bring you the rewards which you deserve or hoped for.

Hard work and being nice is not always rewarded as we expect and this can sometimes lead to disappointment and unhappiness. The smart employer gives workers the praise and attention which they deserve and compensates them financially for the good work which they do.

You may feel that you deserve more out of life than what you are getting but remember that it usually takes time to develop a good work history and good relationships with others so don’t expect instant success at work or with humans as a young adult. You need time to develop a good reputation and good work history which humans will begin to respect and start giving you some of the things which you justly deserve.

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