Victim: n. a lifeform who is harmed or killed by a subset(s)

Human victims are obvious but wilderness plants and animals and even domesticated ones are frequently the victims of human abuse which causes them harm and even kills them. It is time for us to broaden the concept of victimization to include other lifeforms on the face of this precious endangered planet.

Victimize or harm and kill plants and animals and the ultimate victim will be humankind itself. Unhealthy plants and animals will and are creating unhealthy humans in the long duration and only when we all begin to truly respect and admire and grow organic plants and animals and wilderness will humankind become healthy again.

A biodiverse healthy food supply without misguided technology which emphasizes quantity and not quality is the ultimate salvation of humankind.

Wilderness is the safety net of a healthy quality food supply if we destroy the health of the domesticated food supply with toxic chemicals and monoculture factory farming.

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