Violence: n. using (relatively very intense force and/or relatively much energy) and/or (electrocorpus without permission and/or a relatively very intense action(s)) and is frequently against a lifeform(s) to (hurt and/or damage) and/or kill

If you are being violent against a human then you are using enough force and energy to hurt, incapacitate, or kill them which is usually against the law if you are not an arresting officer dealing with a violent arrestee.

Violently destroying or damaging property which is not yours is also usually against the law but there is visceral pleasure which many humans get from explosions and other violent acts which are not meant to hurt or kill humans. Violence is a demonstration of the application of force and energy and it is a demonstration of power in action which humans respect and frequently admire or fear.

Violent video games appeal to the predatory nature in many human males and they are sometimes overly blamed for creating aggressive tendencies in offspring and adults.

Violence and fighting has historically been a way to settle disputes between tribes and nations and it is still alive and well in the Middle East and the Ukraine. When reason fails to settle disputes then unfortunately violence is seen as the only way to a swift and speedy resolution. When violence succeeds and it is not met with superior violence or punishing economic sanctions then it is usually just a question of time before it is used again.

A potent ideology, poverty, and a willingness to die for a cause is hard to combat if surrounding humans are sympathetic to your cause. Superior intel and an ability to destroy the leadership at will is the only way to combat virulent expansionism and ultimately achieve a peaceful political settlement.

Domestic and criminal violence is an ongoing continuous struggle from generation to generation because we are all born with violent fighting tendencies which have to be tamed in each generation. Teaching a secular moral code in elementary school to all impressionable young minds is the surest way to exclude most of the violent tendencies from society.

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