Injury: n. stealing health intentionally and if the injury is selfinflicted you are stealing your own health intentionally and/or ((personal and/or group rights) violation(s)) and/or (financial damage(s) and/or emotionally traumatized)

Injuruny: n. stealing health unintentionally and if the injury is selfinflicted you are stealing your own health unintentionally

Injuries are basically intentional and unintentional and if they are unintentional and done by someone else then they can sometimes be forgiven for injuring you. You can injure yourself unintentionally with bad eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol, and an accident or another way of saying it is that you have stolen your own health and it is frequently not someone else’s fault.

Injuring someone else intentionally is stealing someone’s health and there is frequently punishment associated with the act. You may poison, spread a contagious disease, or wound someone and take away or steal their health and have to be punished for it.

It is somewhat revolutionary to say that you can steal from yourself but it is actually true that if you injure, ruin, take away, or steal your own health then you are really stealing from yourself or doing something very bad to yourself.

Health: n. living and being free of disease and/or bodily handicap(s) but with old age health decreases

 There are other personal injuries which are possible and they deal with (personal and/or group) rights violations, financial damages, and intense emotional traumas. These also may sometimes be unintentional and not intentional with correspondingly less punishment given if processed in a court of law.

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