Waste: v. to use carelessly in large amounts and very inefficiently

How much time, money, and effort are you wasting on trivial and rather unimportant things in your life? If you are spending much time, money, and effort and don’t seem to be making any good progress in your life then it is time to reprioritize your life and make it more efficient.

Spend more time, money, and effort on the truly important things in your life and exclude the time, money, and effort wasters which don’t get you any closer to your goals or desired state of happiness.

Communicating too much, spending too much shopping, watching TV too much, driving around too much, losing too much sleep, drinking too much, goofing off or hanging out too much, and trying to do too much in your life are all signs that you should cut back on them and not waste so much time, money, and effort or energy on them.

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