Intuition: n. doing an impulsive judgment(s) which is thought to be based primarily on instinct and/or habit and it is frequently done without the use of current reasoning but past reasoning may be influential in samer impulsive judgment(s)

If you are doing something rather impulsively then you are probably using much intuition which just means that you are making snap judgments or reactions without thinking it over. Most good intuition comes from a history of experiences with similar situations and humans and even times when we logically thought about a situation or reasoned before we reacted.

Most humans, when not on a thinking job, do not usually take a few seconds time out to think about a situation before they react so much of our behavior is really intuition or going with our impulsive feelings or habits.

We also sometimes use our intuition when we have thought about a situation and can’t seem to come up with the right thing to do. Sometimes when a situation is urgent and some kind of reaction is expected from us then we may go with our impulsive feeling about the situation or use our intuition to guide us.

The superiority of women’s intuition is culturally considered a reality and probabilistically it may be true when decisions have to be made socially about humans. Most women are just more social than men and are frequently better judges of character, conversations, and social nuances than most men. What that really means is that many women have more emotional intelligence than men and would do well in leadership positions if it were not for the slightly more aggressiveness in most men.

Whether male or female most humans in leadership positions are frequently relatively good judges of character and emotions. They have much emotional intelligence although some have relatively little actual smart or intelligent behavior when it comes to solving problems or finding solutions to problems themselves.

When in doubt but you have to make an urgent decision, intuition is what you can use and make corrections later on if you have made the wrong intuitive decision. The more experienced you are with similar situations and problems the better your intuition becomes about those situations and problems.

Why do many employers want someone with job experience? Because their job intuition is better than for someone without the job experience and chances are they will make fewer mistakes on the job and show up on time.

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