Manage: v. to control the action(s) of a human(s)  (with a command(s) and/or by showing what is to be done) and/or (by interacting and trying to solve a problem(s) and/or by trying to use emotional intelligence) and achieve a desired goal(s)

You can manage someone by commanding them and/or by showing them what is to be done. “Do your job” may be an authoritarian style of management where there is relatively minimal interaction between the manager and the managed.

The more interaction there is between the manager and managed the more it becomes a teamwork effort where both interchange ideas on how to do the job. In teamwork the manager frequently interacts with the managed and tries to solve a problem(s) together for optimal effect.

Management styles vary depending on how well defined the job is. If the job has clear rules and operates with little management then an authoritarian form of leadership can work relatively well.

If on the other hand the job is dynamic with many variations and no clear rules of operation then more interaction between the leader and led may be necessary to reach desired goals. Teamwork is frequently more effective in situations where the goals change from job to job or where different skills may be necessary with different personnel changes to achieve a goal(s).

Effective management means much emotional intelligence or the ability to make the managed feel good about their job and feel that they are a vital contributing factor in a job or project. Maintaining a sense of selfworth in the managed is important. Harsh or mean criticism, put downs, name calling, unnecessary threats, and ridicule should not be used in management managed interactions which can all create a dysfunctional,  inefficient working atmosphere.

Management is a leadership skill which can vary and be different depending on the nature of the job but emotional intelligence is necessary in leading any job and the humans in it.

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