Manipulation: n. deceptively changing a human(s)’ mind(s) and/or behavior(s) frequently for personal benefit

Politicians, advertisers, brokers, and spouses sometimes cleverly manipulate the emotions of a human(s) for personal benefit. Making promises that they don’t intend to keep or feeding misleading information can cause someone to change their mind and/or behavior to their detriment later on.

A politician may get you to vote for them but not keep his promises, an advertiser may get you to buy a product which you regret having purchased later on, a broker may convince you to buy or sell a stock just to get a commission, or a spouse may convince you that they were not unfaithful when actually they were.

Manipulation is frequently deceptively feeding you half truths which sound plausible but will actually hurt you in some way if you go through with their suggestions. Most successful manipulations manipulate your fears and basic desires to get you to do something which you frequently regret later on.

You can also be rarely deceptively manipulated into doing something which benefits you or is good for you but that is the exception to the rule and is a rarity. Parents sometimes try to manipulate offspring with promises that eating something healthy will make them strong or beautiful and it sometimes works on young impressionable believing offspring.

If something sounds too good to be true then chances are great that you are being manipulated and will regret it if you follow through with it. The media and society is filled with manipulators and the probability that most of your opinions and beliefs are actually products of manipulation are great.

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