Oppression: n. controlling cruelly and/or unjustly for duration

Most of us suffer under government oppression with unjust laws to obey but we can also be oppressed at work. Our boss may not give us credit for our efforts or may be a tyrannical authoritarian berating us and ridiculing our efforts.

Oppression is a fact of life in this world and with an ever growing government the oppression will just get worse with the passage of time. Compared to other exploitative governments ours is still not the worst but it is getting there by leaps and bounds.

The liberty to morally speak your mind and publish it is the most important right but ultimately your right to bear arms if you are a law abiding citizen is the most important long duration guarantee against total tyrannical government oppression.

Fortunately none of us are slaves suffering under the oppression of slave owners but there is other social oppression such as handicaps, gender, ethnic, and ageism discrimination.

Colonialism used to be national oppression and tyrannies are still political forms of oppression.

Some of us feel oppressed by corrupt laws and too much taxation and still others feel oppressed by a bad job with little prospects for advancement. Some are in abusive or oppressive marriages and are desperate to get out but may not be able to for financial reasons.

If you are trapped in cruel relationships or suffering injustices then you can consider yourself to be oppressed in some way.



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