Staying healthy should be priority number one in life by eating and drinking healthy because handicap or illness can make your remaining life miserable to live. Spend a little more on nutritious organic food now and you will spend much less on expensive drugs and medical care in the future.

Surround yourself with bad humans or befriend losers and chances are great that you will become a loser if you aren’t one already.

Make too many short duration goals and ignore long duration goals and chances are great that you won’t make much progress in your life.

If you don’t have realistic goals and good friends then you will probably make many miserable mistakes in life and have to deal with much failure.

The greatest satisfying achievements in life do not usually come from the pursuit of instant gratification or living for today and ignoring future consequences.

Learn from others the way to live a good life or learn the hard way about life by personal trial and error. Don’t read about the trial and error of others and learn from it and chances are great that you will repeat many of the same errors in life.

The only certainty in life is change. If you don’t courageously struggle to make good changes in your life then you will have to settle for the changes which life forces on you.

Some have the luxury of being happy spending much money. Most of us have to learn to be happy doing things which don’t require much money so make the necessary adjustments or be forever unsatisfied with life.

As long as you have the ability to read and acquire new useful knowledge in life then you can always find satisfaction and happiness which doesn’t require much money. For even greater satisfaction at minimum cost, write down what important things you have learned and share them with others!

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