Panic: v. to sense uncontrollable fear and/or very intense anxiety and to behave irrationally with physical aggression and/or stampeding and/or random movement

Fear of imminent death frequently causes panic whose most common expression is running away. Gunfire during a demonstration, a sinking boat in the ocean, and a fire can cause panic but so few of us have ever been in panic emergency mode.

Wildlife stampedes to escape predators but there are rare instances of humans stampeding because of predators.

Some panic attacks are mental disorders and they are triggered by some stimulus or just spontaneously well up in an individual who experiences rapid heartbeat, sweating, and a sense of acute fear.

Acute phobias are also sometimes considered panic attacks and are all symptoms of extreme fear. Most phobias are irrational fears and death is not imminent so they should really not be considered true panic attacks but merely fear attacks.


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