Reaction: n. causing an action(s) by a subset(s) after impacting by samer subset(s)

All of us react to our environment and the humans around us in rather impulsive intuitive ways most of the time and it is only occasionally that we take a few seconds out of our time to think about what we will do next.


Reactions are a fact of life in human behavior and we react almost instantly to most of the things which happen around us. Delayed reactions are underrated and it is one way that we can analyze whether our daily reactions really benefit us or trap us into behaving with many bad behaviors which we should try and eliminate from our lives.


How many times have we really stopped and asked ourselves. Is what I am about to do really necessary or am I just doing it out of unconscious habit?


Before you buy anything have you really asked yourself- do I really need it or just want it and can I wait a few days or weeks before I purchase what I impulsively think I want? If you can wait a week or months before buying then don’t buy!


If we more frequently stopped to ask a question about what we will do next then we can become more aware of our impulsive behaviors and be in a position to maybe modify the behavior into a better one.


Stop and think before you act is good advice if you want to improve on your behavior in a conscious logical way. Know thyself. If you analyze what you do and why you do it then you will be more aware and in a position to then improve upon yourself and your reactions in the future if you want improvement in your life.


Always thinking or asking questions before reacting is rather unnatural and can be a real pain in the butt but do it occasionally and you may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself.


Before you purchase food or eat, once in a while ask yourself-could I be eating something more nutritious or healthier that may be just as tasty? This may lead you into deciding to eat more and more organic food in your diet and a healthier you will be the payoff.


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