Be punctual with a client because no one wants to wait and waste their time and not showing up on time is equivalent to lack of promise fulfillment or a lie.

If there is no immediate or historical proof to the contrary that a client is wrong then assume that the client is right and make appropriate accommodations.  As soon as possible check if other clients have had the same complaint and address it as soon as possible if that is the case. If the client problem surfaces more than once then further questioning or investigation may be necessary to avoid future recurrences.

Clients are long duration relationships so don’t be tempted to make a killing on one transaction at client’s expense which will reflect badly on your organization if the client finds out you overcharged by a great amount for something they could have gotten elsewhere much more cheaply.

Don’t do the transaction unless it is in the client’s best interest, is what the client really needs, is at a reasonable price, and doesn’t hurt the client financially or in other ways. Don’t make pushy sales designed for instant profit but stress the needs it will fulfill or problems solved in the client’s best interest. “You may want this at extra expense but you really don’t need it” will prove to the client that you can be trusted to have their best interest at heart.

Before making an agreement with a first time client don’t be afraid to question or probe what needs you will be fulfilling or problems that you will be solving by entering a client relationship. If the client is not sure what needs they have then you can offer the needs which are usually fulfilled by your organization and get useful feedback from the client if it is a good fit. If “what do you need which we can provide?” does not get a response then “do you have this need which the organization can provide?” can start a mutually beneficial conversation. Remember that what a client wants may not be what they need and the closer you fulfill a need the happier will be the client without superfluous wants which may cost much more.

Contracts can be made but try to settle legal disputes out of court if possible and don’t enter contracts which don’t benefit you in the long duration and doesn’t make short duration financial sense.

If a client relationship is no longer profitable or the client is trying to take advantage of you unjustly then don’t be afraid to terminate the relationship.


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