There are fundamentally three classes of humans in society.

  1. The “unemployed” who have large financial reserves and invest their money in the hopes of making more money.
  2. The working class who have income from paying jobs.
  3. The unemployed or those without jobs who are also destitute and have no financial reserves.

The right to private property is essential.

The working class must have an incentive to learn useful skills and must be rewarded with adequate income when they do productive work. Private property is essential because communal property is not respected and poorly taken care of. Propertyless humans on total welfare have no incentive to work and can’t improve their skills without free reeducation opportunities.

There must be a standardized minimum safety net for the jobless and destitute with realistic possibilities for some to join or rejoin the working class.

Advancing technology, smart computer software, and robotization makes unemployment inevitable for what will be a majority of the citizens of a nation. The safety net must have a low enough standard of living so that the working class is not incentivized to land in the safety net and live there for a lifetime.

There must be an incentive to reeducate yourself out of the safety net no matter what your age. Internet interactive audio visual computer technological education must be part of the safety net so that all those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement can have a hope of rejoining the working class status and be performing productive useful work and not make work which is an unacceptable social and economic blight.

It is the responsibility of the monied class and government to stabilize the currency or its value with minimal or no inflation so that the value of the currency does not lose value in the long duration.

Predatory financing with inflation steals the property accumulated by the working class and encourages profligate spending and no saving for emergencies and retirement. A healthy vital thrifty self-sustaining working class is essential for the long duration if the economy is to remain healthy, productive, and not always on the verge of bankruptcy.

A secular moral code must be taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary school so that the peaceful interaction of its citizens is possible and family units become successful relationships and raise productive offspring who are not socially dysfunctional for future generations.

The voting power of the jobless and destitute will have to be reduced by a percentage when their numbers reach about 30% of the population. If this is not done then the working class will become the slaves of those not working who will demand a luxurious standard of living which will bankrupt the system. Equal political rights for all citizens is the big lie which will no longer be sustainable in the 21st century technological economy.

Special collective rights for the jobless and destitute and realistic incentives to join or rejoin a productive working class at any age is vital for social justice in the 21st century.

Promoting healthy organic nutrient rich food and drink without taxation of the industry is vital to the long duration health of the nation or the medical bills for bad health will help to bankrupt the economy in the long duration.


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