Reform: v. to make changes to a human(s) and/or to a (law(s) and/or rule(s)) to eliminate what is bad in a human(s) and/or in an organization(s) and thus trying to remove (a deviant behavior(s) and/or an abuse(s)) and/or an injustice(s)

To reform a human when it is possible you need rehabilitation and to reform an organization such as a government, court, or education system you need a change in laws and/or rules.

Almost every institution needs reform of some kind in this fast changing technological century and sometimes all that is needed is an efficient software program which accurately defines the operations and needs minimal human input to function.

World government, national government, the welfare system, and the educational system need radical reform to reflect the advancement in the technological 21st century and this is covered in detail in my evergreen truth books GLOBALISM, JUSTICE, CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS, and EDUCATION REFORM.


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