Unproven: n. not having convinced that a subset(s) exists and/or has existed and/or will exist beyond a reasonable doubt and/or not having used the scientific method

Many things in life are unproven but are highly probable which helps us to make sense out of human interactions and physical events and guides us in our decision making process.

There is basically judicial “proof” and scientific proof. Judicial proof is not very rigorous and the veracity of the proof to a large extent depends on the trustworthiness of the witnesses and the accuracy of the facts and professional testimony.

Interpreting the consequences of human past events and circumstantial facts is merely a statistical probabilistic communication(s) and proof in a court of law has an emotional component which is not very rational or logical and can lead to faulty convictions in more than just a few circumstances. Unless there is audio and video evidence which hasn’t been changed with computer software, proof beyond a reasonable doubt always has some guesswork involved.

Can you prove that a common morality is essential for a society to interact peacefully and have trusting relationships between its members? There is no scientific evidence which will ever prove the need for a commonly held moral code but it is an intuitive conclusion reached by personal experience and historical precedent.

Absolute scientific proof is possible but statistical norms are not really cause and effect absolute proofs and there are many real life exceptions to these statistical norms. Many things in life are unprovable in the absolute sense but statistical norms help us to make sense out of an otherwise confusing non absolute or frequently relative world.

Most of us are not really that concerned if something is unprovable as long as it is predictable to some extent. Good and bad habits, beliefs and opinions make humans predictable if you know them well. If you are a good judge of character then you can frequently predict their behavior to some extent and act accordingly.

Official proof beyond a reasonable doubt only exists in the courtroom and a scientific laboratory. There are informal proofs of the existence of something outside the lab and courtroom where you persuade someone that what you are saying or doing is in fact the truth and provable by demonstration or convincing discussion.

Unprovable supernatural phenomenon are simply accepted on faith and for the believer there is no need for proof because the indoctrination has been so successful that they are convinced supernatural phenomenon actually exist in all its varied forms.

Proving that there are ghosts, good and evil spirits, and paranormal activity is the realm of convincing charlatans who frequently make a good living off of their promoted mythologies. Some humans love to hear about miracles or the impossible or unprovable phenomenon and it is a human weakness which has plagued humanity since time immemorial.

Life after death is a perennial subject wished for by everyone and there are deceptive manipulators who promise it for their own personal benefit. Religions themselves are the greatest offenders of reason and logic but there is a saying that if you indoctrinate someone young enough they will be a true believer perhaps for a lifetime and believe almost any absurdity imaginable.

The sad part is that some of these believers want to protect their beliefs by sacrificing their lives and so conflict and wars are never ending in human history and on into the foreseeable future.

The world needs a commonly held secular moral code to keep it unified and operating peacefully and as long as traditional religions oppose such change then we are going to repeat history tragically and I don’t foresee any good consequences resulting from archaic mythological human beliefs passed on from generation to generation unrelentingly.

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