Young offspring rearing and offspring rearing in general is promises of rewards which could be called bribes, and rewards for accomplishments but not generally for good behavior which should be expected and enforced with threats of punishment or withdrawal of privileges.

There are also punishments which are the withdrawal of privileges and threats of punishment or threats to withdraw privileges. For very young offspring the threat of a spanking or actual spanking may also be used to curb serious violence, lying, and stealing.

A privilege can also be considered a reward and/or right to do something at almost any time or frequently. Withdrawing or threatening to withdraw the reward and/or right may be considered to be a form of punishment.

The best way to motivate offspring to behave well is with appropriate praise for good behavior and verbal condemnation for misbehavior. When the positive approach with motivating words fails then unfortunately privilege withdrawal or other forms of punishment may be necessary.

If you include hugs and kisses as rewards or signs of love and affection then this is definitely a plus but even more important is demonstrating the love and affection for spouse in front of the offspring.

The line between rewards and privileges is sometimes vague but here is a likely list for relatively young offspring:


Favorite food (not including sweets or the occasional desert),

time to play with a favorite or special toy,

playing a video game

going to the park

horsey ride

going out to eat fast food

going to the zoo

going to the library

fishing trip

money in piggy bank

wearing dress up clothes

making mud pies


going to friend’s houses whenever they want

supervised computer use

listening to a bedtime story

riding on a bicycle with mom or dad

staying up late

setting the table

going to a movie with a friend

sleeping in a different place in the house

playing outside

bouncing on a bed

feeding a pet

making noises with pots, pans, rattles, or bells

riding a tricycle

going outside at night


Isolation in the bathroom or closet for a period of time such as 10 minutes

Sitting in a chair or on the couch for a period of time such as 10 minutes

Box lunches instead of school cafeteria food (if you give organic food in box lunches then it is really a reward and not a punishment)

Staying indoors or an early curfew before the usual 9 pm deadline

Taking away a special or favorite toy for a few days or week

Taking away a daily privilege for a day, a few days, or week.

Offspring will sometimes refuse to eat the food given or prepared and they should not be bribed with the promise of sweets or desert if they eat the meal. The best recourse is to just say, no food until tomorrow or breakfast. Children will not starve if denied one or two meals and usually when they are really hungry they will eat almost anything given.

It is the responsibility of parents to develop good habits as early as possible.

As early as possible offspring should be introduced to a wide variety of food so that they learn to eat fruits, vegetables, and meat in a balanced way. Milk, natural juices, and water should be emphasized as drinks.

As early as possible offspring should be taught the joys of reading by reading to them physical or online books and introducing them to the alphabet and numbers with alphabet and numbers toys or blocks. If you want your young offspring to be interested in school or learning then you have to start early at home introducing them into the world of learning from books and computers.

Neatness and orderliness should start young and a time to put away toys should become a daily accepted routine.

Most modern plastic toys are trivial crap which doesn’t teach anything useful so stick to physical construction toys, vehicles, planes, cars, trucks, dolls, action figures, animals, small plastic houses, appliances, tools, and geometrical shapes with different sizes. The more the real world is reflected in toys the better toys they are.


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