One architectural ideal is a total glass house where you can see the sky and your surroundings in heated or air conditioned comfort. Factually all that a house should do is to keep you at a comfortable temperature year long and protected from insects, predators, and the elements such as very intense sun, rain, snow, and even hurricane. The view of your surroundings should not be obstructed in any way so that you have the feeling that you are really outdoors.

The ideal house is vacuum insulated glass which may have a color changing roof to protect you from tropical sun’s rays during the day but which changes back to clear during the night so that you can see the stars at night. In northern climates no sun protection on the roof is necessary and I have included in my blog a sample glass house in a northern climate which is the ideal with nature surrounding it.

In a civilized city a total glass house, unless it is a penthouse on the roof, is not very feasible from an architectural viewpoint but the philosophy is that the more natural sunlight there is the better the house or building is.

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