Unimportance: n. minimum or no attention and/or resources given to a subset(s) frequently because samer subset(s) is judged subjectively to have (minimal value and/or minimal rank) and/or minimum power to affect a circumstance(s)

What is important and unimportant? This is largely a subjective question and what is important in your life may not be that important in other lives. We all have our own personal priorities of what is important and unimportant in our lives and donate our attention and resources to things which we consider important to us.

The rich and powerful may not consider the trivial things in your life to be that important but to you they may be things vital to your relationships and financial survival. Microbes may not be important in your life until you come down with a microbe illness. Politics, economics, and education may not be of great concern to you because you may feel that you have so little control over them.

Many of us waste much time, effort, and money on relatively trivial and unimportant things which have become bad habits if viewed objectively. One of the primary reasons for success is that you have learned to exclude or avoid the unimportant things in your life and have learned to concentrate on the truly important things in your life which includes the pursuit of old and new useful goals.

As you live circumstances change and you age so priorities change along with your aging. What was unimportant as an offspring suddenly becomes important as an adult. Retirement is also frequently a time of great change and readjusting of your priorities in life and correspondingly what you consider unimportant and important.

If something is unimportant then you probably don’t pay any attention to it and you definitely do not devote your time, energy, and money on it. What is unimportant is relative to each human and what one feels is very important may not be important to someone else.


A farmer may feel that the weather is very important whereas a city dweller in the southern belt of the USA may not be in the least concerned whether it rains or shines from one day to the next.


For many women shopping for clothes is important but for many men it is frankly a big pain in the butt and can get very expensive if you buy too many clothes which you don’t wear on a daily basis.

To some sports are important but to others they just think it is a big waste of time and unimportant watching grown men and women play with balls which are only different in weight, size, material, and shape from one sport to the next.

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