If you are both honest, sincere, dependable, communicative, affectionate, moral, with some common goals then you can potentially have a happy relationship despite relatively independent lifestyles, ideological differences in politics, and differing interests. The differences make for an interesting relationship and if you respect one another, get enough sex, and responsibly rear offspring then you can still have a relatively happy long duration relationship.

The 9 myths are because very few things in a relationship are absolute rules with always, all, or nothing but are ones with some if not many exceptions.

Happy couples can see things through each other’s eyes:

Happy couples always have a lot of romance:

Happy couples can resolve all their disagreements:

Happy couples need to have common interests:

Happy couples don’t fight:

Happy couples vent all their feeling to each other:

Being a happy couple has nothing to do with sex:

Happy couples are always in sync sexually:

Happy couples know the right and wrong way to make their relationships great: 


For detailed explanations of the 9 important absolute myths about happy couples Dr. Phil reveals the truth in the following link:


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