You’re unfaithful:

Adultery frequently ends a marriage and cheating on someone before marriage will frequently destroy a developing relationship too.

You’re a liar:

Lying will end most developing relationships unless someone is incredibly desperate for a relationship on almost any terms.

You’re financially irresponsible:

If you are in great debt and a lavish spender then you may fool some into thinking you are overly generous but anyone interested in a long duration relationship will not like this financial irresponsibility.

You’re abusive:

Coming from an abusive family you may find physical abuse and verbal abuse in the form of harsh criticism and unreasonable demands normal but it is definitely something which will destroy most normally developing relationships.

You can’t empathize:

If you can’t empathize with your partner then chances are great that you will never apologize when you’re wrong or when you hurt feelings. You will probably be rudely demanding and selfish in most of the things you do and basically intolerable.

You are too demanding:

You are clingy and not willing to give the other person some time off from you. Acting like the world revolves around you and always demanding to be the center of attention will suffocate a two way relationship.

You have compulsive addictions:

You have bad drug, alcohol, gambling, or shopping addictions which are priority number one in your life. Few happy long duration relationships can tolerate compulsive addictions which are not eliminated or cured and you are foolish if you feel that you can tolerate them and still find happiness in the relationship.



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