Quotes are frequently generalizations which have quite a few circumstantial exceptions

Quotes by famous humans frequently have more validity for those with a potential to be great

There are thousands of quotes and most of them try to make emotional and rare logical connections between a few or handful of words

Quotes are motivational only if you agree with the statements based on your personal experience or have a belief in the wisdom of an authority figure whom you admire and respect

Quotes collected in categories are frequently more useful than reading a random list of them

Life is more complex than just a handful of quotes to live by

Quotes try to tell you what is good or bad but unfortunately are bad at filling in the details

A quote which makes sense by itself is more valuable than one which doesn’t make much sense and is followed by the name of an authority figure

Quotes followed by explanations are rare but necessary for neophytes who have had little exposure to real competitive life and a wide variety of flawed adult humans


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