Treason:  n. stealing secret government information and giving it to an enemy foreign government and/or trying to violently and completely change government with the help of a foreign government(s)

Treason in time of war is a serious offense and giving away military secrets in time of peace is also very serious and can be considered a treasonous offense. The reality is that nations spy on other nations even in times of peace and intel is powerful in unearthing covert activities and sometimes giving business advantages in competition worldwide.

Cyber spying and terrorism is a fact of life in this competitive world and there is great temptation for individuals and nation states to get as much secret information as possible. Hackers frequently succeed in getting vital information which makes treasonous acts hard to trace, catch, and prosecute since spying is an international phenomenon.

We spy on you and you spy on us. Welcome to the treasonous world which makes becoming complacent a dangerous act for nations, businesses, and individuals alike.

Whistle blowing is considered a treasonous act by organizations interested in maintaining power in frequently corrupt ways. We need more whistle blowers protected from financial ruin and disrepute because truthful information is ultimately the only tool to combat immoral corruption.


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