The key to efficiently using your time is not to dwell too long on things which you can’t change in the past, present, or future. Time spent worrying, blaming, or staying angry over things you couldn’t change or won’t be able to change is a waste of time. Calmly reflecting on past mistakes and taking steps so that the mistakes won’t happen again is not time wasted because it involves changing yourself which is doable and not impossible.

Stop worrying about what others think since you can’t read minds, stop worrying about the worst that can happen which probably won’t, stop worrying about the economy which you can’t change, and stop worrying about past events which you can’t change.

Stop blaming bad luck and other humans remotely responsible for your own daily problems.

Stop staying angry and obsessing at strangers and events which you have no control over.

If you can’t change something or control it then stop wasting your time thinking about it or trying to change it or control it.

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