Disobedience: n. intentionally not accepting and not doing a command(s) which frequently is a (law(s) and/or rule(s)) and/or social norm(s)

Laws, rules, and social norms are really commands by society to behave a certain way within behavioral limits. If you intentionally don’t do these commands or don’t accept them then you are being disobedient and intentionally so.

There is offspring disobedience which is a learning process and parents try to correct this disobedience with their own tactics which vary largely depending on whether the offspring rearing is largely authoritarian or more democratic and consensus based.

Adult disobedience results in official punishment if caught and social ostracism or a ruined reputation for going too radically against social norms. Disobeying standard operating procedure or organizational rules can get you fired or released from important duties or responsibilities.

Dysfunctional family life with bad role model friends and mediocre teachers handicap many with dysfunctional relationships. Good relationships require obedience to good relationship etiquette which bad role models never teach.

Without a strong moral family experience and obedience to it offspring grow into adults with the same parental handicaps and frequently add to them with addictive bad behaviors which they learn from other dysfunctional friends.

Teenagers and young adults will even rebel against good family ethics but sooner or later discover that they have a good foundation to go back to in times of trouble and chaos.

Disobedience to old beliefs and laws results in some progress in society but disobedience to basic moral laws is what causes society to gradually self destruct. It is the wise human who realizes that not lying, not stealing, not being adulterous, and not murdering is something which each generation must learn and reaffirm over and over again.


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