Wilderness nature recycles itself but when we destroy wilderness it no longer recycles and we will no longer have a safety net for a healthy domestic food supply when the current food supply is made unhealthy for human consumption with toxic chemicals, factory farming, and unstable monoculture agriculture. An organic food supply and preservation and even expansion of wilderness is vital for future healthy human survival in the 21st century and beyond.

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If this is understood as merely a symbol of the interdependence of all species on the face of this precious earth then you have gotten the message but if you get from this a soothing feeling of benevolence and sharing then you are reading more into the message than is factual.

Nature promotes the survival and reproduction of the healthy, smart, and efficient animals and groups of animals. Human civilization is not very good at reproducing healthy, smart, and efficient individuals in greater quantities for the benefit of future generations.

When society overcomes this great unjust handicap then human civilization will be more just, less subjective, and closer to a technological meritocracy based on useful complex skills. talent, and effort and not primarily based on inherited potential and wealth which is frequently pissed away and underutilized because of a mediocre liberal arts education despite the best social connections.


What this leaves out of the picture is that some humans would not only save some but invest some money and make more money. Saving money without a purpose or desire to use it in some way is really not a realistic option in a competitive world where information, goods, and services change hands frequently.

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What a skillful communicator can sometimes do is tell someone the truth which would make most humans cry and get a smile out of them instead. Whether this is done with some humor or an affirmation that things will be better the next time around if something is done a little differently, you can lessen the hurt with a positive attitude about the situation and not have to use brutal, condemning, or harsh reality in telling the truth.

Some humans, especially some women, are more prone to crying than others at being told the same truth so the crying you fear may actually not materialize if you do tell the truth. Be honest but in a tactful considerate way and there will be less crying necessary.

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Change shadows to deceits and the statement is generally true because humans would rather hold on to their untrue beliefs and opinions even though they are objectively cultural deceits and lies. The masses not only struggle to survive physically but they struggle trying to see to it that their beliefs and opinions also survive because they believe they are true for them. Brainwashing is the purpose of all cultures and the vast majority of humans are trapped in their myopic untrue beliefs and opinions about the world.

The reason my evergreen truth blogs and evergreen truth books will never be popularized for mass consumption or make me any substantial money is because the masses don’t agree with many of the truths and deceptions which I reveal and write about.

I don’t like most quotes because they hint at being absolutely true even though there are frequently plenty of real life exceptions to them. Most quotes are in fact actual deceptions disguised as absolute truths.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1100 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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