Obedience: n. accepting and doing a command(s) which is frequently a (law(s) and/or rule(s)) and/or social norm(s)

Obedience to laws, rules, and social norms is what keeps society functioning in a relatively predictable way. If citizens obey a common morality then a non tyrannical peaceful just society is possible.

Too much obedience to a corrupt society is not advisable but habits are hard to exclude from your life and sometimes if you are not morally outraged then chances are that you will follow blindly and not be aware that much of your oppression.

Advertising is a form of brainwashing which leads to obedient purchasing of information, products, or services advertised and is a primary reason for predictable purchases made by customers. Obedient consumers are a company dream and many pay big money trying to achieve such a position in human lives.

When there is true choice in the marketplace then unsatisfied customers will go elsewhere or purchase superior information, goods, and services. Monopoly businesses have the power to force you to obediently buy something which need not be improved and you become an obedient slave purchasing what you need but may actually not want.

If you are commanded to do something and you do it then you are obeying. You may obey out of fear or a sense of duty so there is involuntary obedience and voluntary obedience. Many obey a command, rule, or law out of fear of punishment even though we may disagree with the command, rule, or law.

We frequently tell the truth because we are afraid of social ostracism since very few humans go to jail or get fined for everyday lying incidents. Most humans obey conventional social norms because we basically want to be liked by others and breaking social rules of behavior makes us less likable. 

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