Intel: n. essential information of value to the military and/or politics and/or organizations and/ or business

A monopoly on vital information or intel and having most of the money is how the world will be ruled in the future.

Spy satellites, spy drones, spy computers, and foot soldier spies on the ground supply an almost limitless supply of information from which essential or vital information must be extracted. The military and businesses try their best to keep vital information from leaking out of the organization but it is a never ending struggle as long as there are competing political and business enterprises worldwide.

Isis and the Taliban are transient military and political challenges because once the intel is so good that the leadership can be taken out at will either covertly or overtly with drones, the leadership will fear for their lives and seek political accommodation with their neighbors. Iraq may eventually have to be split into three parts with the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites ruling themselves if no just political sharing of power is possible with a new Iraqi constitution.

Vital information or intel is the ultimate source of power and it can be used to rule citizens wisely or enslave them with a monopolistic control over information which the public consumes.


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