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Superiority: n. sensing excessive competence and/or dominance in a subset(s)

As offspring we want to be stronger, smarter, more skilled, and more attractive than other offspring and want to be loved or valued more by older offspring and authority figures such as parents.

In effect we sometimes desperately want to be better or superior to others. This desire for dominance leads to stereotyping and group thinking later in life and is the source of much prejudice, bias, and superior group thinking.

Wanting to be better leads to feelings of superiority when you are better and it is an inescapable fact of human existence which must be combated in its extreme forms. Those who are not superior frequently try to make up for it with material possessions or status symbols which make them feel more important than they really are in society.

The truly superior in society are frequently the honest, sincere, dependable, competent, friendly, trustworthy, moral, and modest who do not flaunt their wealth if they have any and do not brag about their superior status in society.

 If you have integrity or are honest and moral then you are truly superior and it will be reflected in good relationships with other humans. Some without integrity may prosper financially in the short duration but their human relationships will be handicapped or frequently very bad.

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