Suffer: v. to experience relatively intense body pain and/or relatively intense mental displeasure

Few of us suffer intense body pain unless we have been in an accident or are approaching old age with stomach pain, severe back pain or joint pain. Pain killers are big business and many choose to use them rather than try and cure the cause of the pain which sometimes is incurable.

Many do suffer more mental displeasure and that may be suffering because of severely troubled offspring, failed relationships, living in an abusive marriage, death of a loved one, a terrible job, poverty, handicapping debt, devastating addictions, fear, or suffer from mental illness.

If other humans are the cause of your suffering then you can try escaping or ignoring them. If you are the cause of the suffering then escape is not an option and you will have to do your best to change your behavior or your circumstances.

Fortunately many of us may be unhappy but not necessarily suffering or experiencing intense physical and/or mental pain.


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