The bad manager tries to manage through fear and frequently threatens to fire an employee and has a high turnover rate with many firings.

The bad manager lies to customers and employees and is not respected or admired because there is no trusting environment established.

The bad manager does not know how to motivate employees with earned praise and appropriate rewards and privileges.

The bad manager creates a bad political atmosphere pitting one employee against another thus creating more conflict than cooperation in the organization.

The bad manager always complains that employees are not working hard enough when he or she themself put forth very little effort.

The bad manager publicly humiliates employees and puts them down thus ruining morale.

The bad manager micromanages employees and interferes in the work process more than necessary.

The bad manager ignores or does not listen to complaints, suggestions, and differing opinions or ideas and doesn’t value employee feedback.

The bad manager assumes an arrogant stance that he or she can do no wrong or never makes mistakes, takes credit for all successes, and blames others when things go wrong.

The bad manager gripes about his or her dysfunctional personal life and just proves that not only is he or she disliked at work but that humans in his or her personal life also dislike him or her.


A good manager can be respected and feared if he or she is honest, competent, and just in the treatment of employees. A lying, incompetent, and unjust manager who just tries to manage through fear alone will almost always be a failure and there will be terrible morale among the workers.

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