It is best to try and avoid shitty humans. If you can’t avoid them then ignoring them as much as possible may be a solution but you will have to learn to defend yourself and your loved ones against them if they become an inescapable part of your life, especially if they are trying to spread lies about you or your loved ones.

You learn to develop a thicker skin or learn to handle mistreatment without becoming too upset or giving in to abuse. You maintain your composure and hold on to your integrity when crap is being thrown at you.

You learn to defend yourself and those closest to you if they come under unjustified attack or attempted abuse. You courageously defend yourself and your loved ones against lies if they are being spread.

You learn that sometimes you may be victimized by mistreatment only because you were available and the bad human was just transferring their bad experience effects or dissatisfaction on you and misdirecting their venom.

You learn that some shitty humans refuse to be helped with advice or consideration and you should not pursue your goal of helping if the human refuses it.

You learn that some shitty humans are just rude, annoying, abusive, and gossip because they enjoy being jerks so you should not become depressed if you are surrounded by more than one such personality type.

You learn that if you live with resentment, hatred, jealousy, and anger at some of the bad things which humans do to you then it will handicap you emotionally. It is best to forgive and move on if possible or to forgive and remember forever so it doesn’t affect you adversely again or so that you can take appropriate steps to avoid future hurt.

You learn that shitty humans have shitty habits and that it is almost always wasted effort trying to reform them or get them to change those shitty habits.

You learn that shitty humans are all around and with time you learn to ignore or avoid them as much as possible so that they have minimal bad impact on your life and emotional well being.


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