Leaders should be short, sincere, and to the point in their communications but each of these phrases can be embellished with added words when it seems the appropriate thing to do.


Leaders offer earned or justified praise to their workers which is a very good motivational tool. You can personalize praise and adjust it to a sports fan by using phrases such as home run and touchdown but it is not very appropriate for female employees:


Thank you

Great job

Nice work

You earned it

You outdid yourself

I’ll remember this forever

I’m proud of you

I couldn’t do it better

It’s new but I like it

You’re the best at that


Leaders admit when they’re wrong or made a mistake. When both are responsible for the failure they share the blame:

I’m sorry

I’m wrong; your right

I apologize

My fault, sorry

Let’s learn from this

We’ll do it right next time


Leaders affirm that they are a source of help if needed:

You can count on me

I’ll try my best

I’m here to help

I’ll help if needed

It’s my pleasure

I’ll support you

Let’s check your data


Leaders remind a worker of his or her importance:

I’m listening

I believe in you

Back me up

I need you

You come highly recommended

Make a suggestion


Leaders delay a conversation for latter when pressed for time or when no immediate answer is possible:

Let’s table that topic for now!

We’ll get back to this later!

Let’s discuss this further at a later time!



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