Selfmotivation: n. motivated by one’s (desire(s) and/or emotion(s)) and/or (need(s) and/or belief(s)) and/or past experience(s) which activate and/or prevent one’s behavior(s) and/or the force(s) and brain which activates you to pursue an old and/or new goal(s)

Selfmotivation is the result of your desires, emotions, needs, beliefs, and past experiences which all relatively impulsively guide you into doing a behavior or not doing it. Selfmotivation is also the force and brain which activates you to achieve your old and/or new goal(s).

Selfmotivation is unique in every individual because each one has differences in the kind and intensity of the desires, emotions, needs, beliefs, and past experiences. Most humans share common desires, emotions, needs, beliefs, and least of all past experiences so there is much variation from one to another human and there are relatively large differences in the emotional attachment to the common desires, needs, beliefs, and past experiences.

External motivating factors trigger many of our behaviors but individual reactions to these external motivators differ widely from person to person in many cases.

Quite a few, especially the poor and some very rich, are motivated by the lottery and gambling in general. Others aware of the odds against winning have no interest at all in gambling and are not motivated.

We are all motivated to eat but what we eat varies widely from one to another person. Most of us are motivated to work but the kind of job that we work in varies widely and shapes our view of the world to a large extent.

How we behave is determined by a relatively complex mix of external and internal motivators which will never be subject to mathematical formulation because the badly defined variables are simply too great in number and vagueness to be codified mathematically. Statistical norms and big data can be studied extensively in an attempt to predict human behavior or find out what motivates a human but there will never be 100% accuracy in the predictions or a certainty of what a human will do next even when confronted with the same stimuli.

Media brainwashing, indoctrination, advertising, and education is an attempt to control selfmotivation and it works in a general sense to tame the human beast and keep society interacting relatively orderly and peaceably.

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