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Seize: v. to get control of and/or possession of suddenly and forcibly

Yank a toy from an offspring, quickly pick up a young toddler dangerously headed for a pool, and reposes a car with a driver behind the wheel are all examples of seizing something suddenly and forcibly.

Search and seizure is a phrase used in police work where some possession such as illegal drugs or a weapon or a criminal is suddenly taken or arrested or seized.

A machine with moving parts can also seize and stop working because a moving part becomes immobilized or frozen.

The phrases “seize the moment” and “seize the day” are also used to convey the message that you are taking control of the moment or day or trying to intensely control the activities of the moment or day. You can suddenly seize the moment but it is questionable whether you can seize an entire day so that phrase is not really very accurate in describing what you are doing during the whole day.

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