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A bad job, bad finances, bad relationships, and bad attitude are the major sources of unhappiness.

If you have a bad job then change to another location or employer and if you are still unhappy then learn new skills and knowledge and get a better job.

If you have bad finances then learn to budget what little money you have or train for or get a job which pays more.

If you are in a bad relationship then you can always break it off or get a divorce or you can learn better social skills and try again.  Lying and adultery will ruin most relationships. TOO MUCH arguing, complaining, blaming, stubbornness, criticizing, greed, unfriendliness, gluttony, pride, vengefulness, promiscuousness, workaholism, gossiping, and a bad attitude will cause relationship problems so learn to change those bad social habits.

Physical abuse and severe addictions will ruin most relationships but the above characteristics in excess and sometimes in medium amounts will cause much emotional distress which should be avoided if you want a good relationship.

If you have a bad attitude then learn to make the necessary adjustments. Don’t hold grudges, don’t worry so much, don’t dwell on past mistakes and problems or bad experiences, don’t stress yourself out on trivial things, don’t be jealous or envious of others, stop making excuses for your failings, don’t be so pessimistic, don’t live in fear, don’t believe in tricks, magic pills, or instant solutions to make life better, and don’t live in the past.

For bad relationships you can search my free blogs and find advice for dating, parenting, marriage, selfmotivation, and communicating effectively or read my evergreen truth books LOVEALL,   MODERN PARENTING, and GOOD MODERN BEHAVIORS.

For help on budgeting your money wisely read my evergreen truth book HOW TO SAVE MONEY. It is really about radically changing your life to a thrifty one by budgeting and saving up money to buy the things which you really need or want without going into stupid debt and paying or wasting money on outrageous interest rates on credit card debt.

For help on getting a better job read my evergreen truth book HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT; HOW TO SAVE TIME & MONEY.

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