Ridicule: v. to use communication intended to shame and/or to cause contemptuous laughter

Stupidity, craziness, bad appearance, deviant behavior, and other human weaknesses like compulsive shopping are ridiculed and this can really hurt your feelings of selfworth and cause shame in the short duration. 

Ridiculing among offspring starts early with name calling designed to put you down and somehow elevate your own sense of superiority or selfworth. Offspring do not like to be laughed at and neither do adults who frequently get seriously offended.

Ridiculing humans in general is why we frequently laugh at comedian’s jokes because they point out the stupidity, craziness, and human weaknesses in society which may or may not apply to us too. Ridicule seems acceptable to many in society as long as they are not the one being laughed at or ridiculed.

Laughing at yourself for doing something stupid, crazy, or deviant is good therapy because the alternative is feeling unhappy and depressed by your bad behavior. Making fun of yourself when you deserve it helps others to realize that you are just human with your own personal imperfections and they will empathize with you more than if you try to deny your obvious failings.


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