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Humanity has a rich history of human slavery which even continues today in the form of sex slavery and child slavery in some parts of the world. Historically slaves did hard physical work but the Romans had educated Greek slaves who taught their offspring and didn’t do much physical labor. Plantation owners used African slaves to work the fields and the slaves were controlled by the fear of physical punishment and even death for disobedience.

In the modern world traditional slavery has been replaced by financial slavery were humans go into debt and spend most of their lives working to pay off the debt. Taxation, if not for the general welfare, also is a form of financial slavery where you spend many months working to support the bloated government bureaucracy.

Money has the power to enslave you or to liberate you to a large extent if you have enough of it and we can truly say that many of us are slaves to money and those who control it. Money is the most just form of slavery if those who possess most of it justly distribute it to those who have earned it or have meritoriously gotten it through personal time, effort, ability, and achievement.

Humans are also enslaved by their beliefs, opinions, and bad habits if they are closed minded and never change them despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Most humans are and can be physically and mentally enslaved and if you don’t like mental and physical slavery then get a good technological education, get a good job, and live within social norms and laws of what is right and wrong which is acceptable liberty but not total freedom or chaos and anarchy.

We are slaves to the laws of nature and if you disobey them then you will ruin your health or injure yourself in an accident. Humans unsatisfied with harsh reality have frequently tried to escape it with fantasy, belief in the supernatural, and drugs which nature does not usually reward with success in real life and in the long duration.

We should all be slaves to an updated just liberating secular morality which is except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. This will ensure just peaceful interaction between humans in personal relationships and in international relationships.

A common shared secular morality can unify the world in just peaceful human interactions. Failing to indoctrinate young impressionable minds with this morality leads to social disintegration, conflict, and chaos which can only be replaced by a tyrannical government which relies on the threat of force and the use of force to rule humanity. Morality or tyranny, the choice is ours to make. We can be happy moral slaves or unhappy immoral tyrant slaves.

On a bright note almost all humans have always wanted slaves to do the hard and difficult work for them and modern technological robots and smart computer software offers the hope that the majority of citizens will become the leisure non working class on welfare in the not too distant future. What the standard of living will be for this expansive leisure class will be politically determined by the ruling class in control of the money supply and those in control of large chunks of the money supply.

For justice to prevail and not have this huge leisure welfare class enslave the relatively few in the working class, I offer to you Capsocialism. It is a just new updated political system which will ensure that those with ability who invest the time, effort, and achieve meritoriously will be justly rewarded with money to afford the luxuries which this world still has to offer and will offer in the future.

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