1235187_623146647730497_88482316_n 1238052_625658860812609_2029173917_n 1238826_713685842009910_720489119_n 1239371_634086196636542_1288136540_n 1241297_439089136192600_1562803253_n 1291628_446281522140028_1376569568_n 1291969_441644819270365_1831208468_n 1368930_446874818747365_635661166_n 1369166_446084855493028_383459041_n 1369892_443223725779141_1759931785_o 1370175_442344415867072_778547593_o 1370400_442344175867096_1487450827_n 1370608_443223775779136_1374760213_o 1371414_443606732407507_932201469_n 1371579_441573422610838_794638167_n by Juan Carlos Vindas . IMG_0344 tumblr_mz5uhsMMP91rpe379o1_500 Twin polar bear cubs in a snow den.


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