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Conspiracy: n. two or more humans making secret plans and doing them to do an (unlawful and/or extreme hardship) and/or injurious action(s)

When individuals make secret plans to ruin someone’s reputation or even kill them then it is considered a plot rather than a conspiracy. When two or more humans collude in a secret plan to harm an individual, group, nation, world, or commerce then it can be considered to be a conspiracy.

Conspiracies are a fact of life because powerful humans with much money usually want more power and more money and when they can’t do it legally then they resort to breaking the law in as deceptive ways as possible. They are convinced that the morality and laws of the nation or world do not apply to them because they are so powerful and have the right to do as they wish without the fear of punishment or getting caught.

Because of an emphasis on short duration financial planning and profit and not long duration investment and profit the world is bloating and burning itself with too much energy and money which is consuming natural resources at an alarming rate and polluting the world in the process with too much purposeless inefficient human behavior, human reproduction, and consumption.

A biodiverse healthy food supply and biodiverse wilderness is being destroyed without a realization that organic food is the ultimate solution to bad health. Wilderness is the essential safety net for future generations when the domestic food supply becomes too unhealthy for eating with overly polluted toxic chemicals, factory farming, monoculture agriculture, over fishing, and artificial breeding where the myopic prize human selected animal and plant specimens are no longer capable of reproducing themselves naturally.

We need a global good conspiracy to end this rampant human stupidity and tie the money supply to tangible natural resources so that stupid human profligacy and inefficiency is greatly decreased. The rulers of the world can be blamed for the sorry state of this precious earth but they could also be praised for saving the world for future generations if they get their financial and behavioral shit in order and start the necessary revolution to improve humanity and the world and not degrade it.

For ultimate peace in the world an updated worldwide secular morality is a must from which just laws can be made and enforced. Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

The ideal world financial structure is a world without inflation of the money supply or a stable currency, financially it would tie the world money supply to tangible assets or resources excluding the wilderness, wilderness would be conserved and even expanded, organic farming would be invested in and not taxed by the nation, and the world language would become more logical and less emotional with logical definitions of all the important words used. This seems like an impossibility with the present state of the world but it should be a long duration goal as soon as possible and to be implemented in gradual steps at first.

This is a smart solution to world problems and the leadership knows about it. Whether they do anything about it is still an open question.

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