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Reward: v. to do and/or give a usually pleasant subset(s) which is done and/or given for achieving a goal(s) and/or for doing a (good and/or right) and/or legal subset(s)

You can be rewarded with money, information, goods, or services for reaching a goal(s) and these are the most obvious form of a rewards but you can also be rewarded with a privilege, status, or right to do something which others generally don’t have.


Having good relationships with offspring, spouse, close friends and humans in general is the reward that you get for leading a moral life. Failure to lead a moral life leads to punishment with dysfunctional relationships and much personal misery and unhappiness.


The least materialistic kind of reward is a grade (status reward) or mere praise for doing something good or good behavior.


Money frequently seems like the best motivating force but a desire to get good grades and getting them motivates the achievers. A selfmotivated student who enjoys working hard at learning and gets good grades is a joy to have in the classroom.


Creating a sense of belonging, purpose, and selfworth in an individual is frequently a key to having a satisfied and industrious employee who may not be paid that much for their effort. A selfmotivated competent employee is the best kind of employee to have who seldom needs external motivation from a boss or manager.



Having pride in yourself and striving for competence in everything that you do is a very valuable selfmotivating state of mind because relying on the kind words and the praise of others to motivate you is not a reliable source of motivation and you will wind up too frequently trying to please others and not pleasing yourself where it is most important.

 Finally nature rewards us with the gift of life and if we eat healthy, move around enough, live carefully, and live moral lives then the probability of being rewarded throughout a lifetime and reaching old age is greatly increased.

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