Media is undergoing a revolution or transformation. Gone will be the days when a whole nation watched transfixing programs for the masses or read newspapers and magazines.

Social media and mobile cellphones are personalizing the way humans are getting their news and information on what to read and buy. The mass culture which brainwashed humans into following the big crowd is now being transformed into brainwashing into special interest groups which reaffirm your desires and needs but filter out other points of view which may be relevant.

More and more will be getting instant entertainment, instant news, and instant information when they want it or need it. Celebrities will have a harder time becoming celebrities with millions of followers overnight and remain popular for extended periods of time.

Net neutrality will ensure that millions of voices will be talking and heard by those who chose to hear, view, or read them. Without net neutrality only the rich and powerful corporations and businesses will have monopoly power over the internet to get their messages and propaganda across and be able to exclude the little humans or small voices competing to be heard.

The rich and powerful will probably eventually get their way and impose monopoly power over the internet so enjoy the freedom to choose while you still have the power to do so!!!

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