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As humans most of us basically desire or want to be liked or admired, respected, and treated morally by other humans.

Most of us desire moral behavior from others or do not want them to lie to us, steal from us, or harm us in any way. If humans treat us morally then we assume that we are respected and maybe even liked.

Leaders not only want to be respected but also admired for their character and achievements or competency and sometimes even desire to be loved by a devoted following.

Morality creates the possibility for a trusting relationship to develop not only between humans themselves but also between leaders and their followers.

It is also possible for a tyrant to develop a devoted following among some of their supporters but a majority of the population will mostly obey out of fear of punishment and may not actually admire the tyrant leader at all if asked truthfully despite an onslaught of propaganda.

Morality is usually also expected among the members of a criminal organization even though they may act immorally and deceptively on many outside groups or individuals.

We basically desire moral behavior from most humans and approval and caring from humans who really matter to us.

Finally there is an intense desire for sexual orgasm in the male and a desire for women to have offspring, especially if they come from happy families.


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