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Having the 11 things listed will make your life with little money bearable, if you have them then making money will be easier, and if you get money then you will be closer to what could be called an ideal existence on the face of this earth.

Good health:

Good health is not truly appreciated by most as being the most important thing to have until you start losing it.

Eating organic food as much as possible, eating a wide variety of it, and adding sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, mountain flower bee pollen, and seafood for micro nutrients is also a smart thing to do.

Avoid overly processed food and foods with added sugar as much as possible for optimum health.

Paying a little more for good food will bring a payoff of great health for a lifetime as long as you also stay away from debilitating accidents and severe addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and sweets.


Good and/or moral personality:

Moral humans don’t lie, don’t steal, and don’t commit adultery if married.

You can further improve your personality if you are friendly, sincere, have a guiltless conscience, an open mind, a tranquil mind, patience, a strong work ethic, an optimistic attitude, humility, sharing, teamwork, nurturing, patience, courtesy, loyalty, controlled generosity, good temper, competence, and kindness.

Not everyone has a good balance of the above characteristics but the closer that you get to the ideal the more respected you will be as a human and if you have integrity in abundance then you may even be charismatic and admired by others.


A good reputation among humans that you know:

Once you lose a good public or personal reputation among humans that you know it is usually impossible to get it back no matter how much money you spend.

Some con artists who have made a killing cheating humans and have gotten a bad reputation move to different parts of the country or a foreign nation and try to reestablish a good reputation and it is a definite possibility.

No amount of money will get back a good reputation among humans who know you so if you want to continue to live in a community with good repute then don’t ruin your reputation.


Responsible offspring:

Money can’t buy responsible offspring. In fact much money in childhood frequently results in spoiled offspring overly dependent on a handout who were never encouraged to manage their money well and work hard for it.

Money can’t buy financial responsibility and responsibility in general but it must be taught and learned.


Lasting love and affection from spouse and/or offspring:

Money makes a spouse with offspring possible but once you lose the money or turn off the money spigot you will only have lasting love and affection if you have earned it with moral good behavior which lasts a lifetime.


Loyal devoted friends:

Fair weather friends are easy to come by with money but loyal devoted friends when you are down and out are rare and must be earned with more than just financial generosity.


Youth in old age:

Money can’t buy back your youth once you age but you can maintain a youthful attitude on into old age if you remain relatively healthy with an active mental life.


Talent or inborn ability including natural beauty:

Money can’t buy personal inborn talent, ability, and natural beauty. You can get cosmetic surgery and hire talented humans to do things which you want done with money but unfortunately you can’t choose your parents and you have to live with the inborn talents which they gave you.


A fit body:

No magic pill or food will give you a fit body and this is something which you also can’t buy but must do for yourself with active participation and effort.



Once wilderness plants and animals are destroyed no amount of money will buy them back. Money can conserve wilderness and even expand it but once it is destroyed then no amount of money will bring it back and it is lost forever.



Money and good educated parents will increase the probability that you too will be good with a good useful education but it is no guarantee.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to usefully educate yourself throughout a lifetime in a changing world.

A good useful education is usually more important than money but it can also be very helpful in making money and ensuring a lifelong bonus of happiness or happy pursuits.

Healthy, moral, smart humans are more important than money. Wilderness and the important lessons learned from it will help those humans on into the foreseeable future.

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