Stethoscope wrapped around hundred dollar bills

Nature has an efficient just fast remedy for unhealthy animal specimens- starvation and death. The human solution is frequently long and sometimes painful suffering, addiction to medication, and ultimately premature death.

What is an unjust healthcare system for humans is unlimited resources to prolong death at any cost or equally bad healthcare for all, whether you deserve it or not.

A health conscious healthy eater who exercises enough, acts responsibly both physically and financially, without severe addictions, and does not engage in high health risk jobs should not be asked to support the bad consequences of an unhealthy eater who doesn’t move around enough, acts irresponsibly both physically and financially, has severe addictions and bad habits, and engages in high health risk jobs. That is true injustice!

Who is to blame for bad health in this deceptive society?

The individual bears much of the blame but the sorry unhealthy state of the food industry including agriculture and the drug addicted prescribing medical profession is also largely responsible for the unhealthy state of the nation.

Mass agriculture emphasizing mostly profit or quantity over quality is producing bad food which is further degraded with overly processed food on supermarket shelves. Many restaurants and fast food places are also sources for this bad and overly processed food.

The medical profession further degrades the health of individuals by prescribing instant pills which frequently mask the symptoms with side effects of the drugs and don’t cure a thing while the body tries to desperately cure itself the natural way.

There are not only physically health risky businesses but there are businesses with large number of burnout victims done in by severe stress and new illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome from too much repetitive typing or manual labor and others from too much computer use.

For a just healthcare system there must be two basic systems. One private system for all those employed and able to afford the private medical insurance and one medical social system for all those destitute and also unemployed or those on government welfare. The system can be called Capsocialism which I have written about in more detail but it is truly a just and humane system for society in general including the healthcare system.

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